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How do I get started using EnergyPlus?
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If you are familiar with building simulation already, you can use the 200+ example files that come with the program along with the Input Output Reference (which describes each input and output) to help you.

There are several youtube videos available:
Getting Started with EnergyPlus - EnergyPlus utilities, datasets, documentation and example files.
EnergyPlus Simulation Parameters - Overview of key objects in the simulation parameters group.
EnergyPlus Location and Climate - Overview of objects in the location and climate group.
EnergyPlus Building Envelope Overview - Overview of the basic object types required to describe the building envelope and internal gains.
EnergyPlus HVACTemplate Overview - Using HVACTemplate objects to add HVAC systems to a building model.

These have been organized into an "EnergyPlus Basics" playlist:

If you are not familiar with building simulation, we suggest you start with the "Getting Started" document and work through the tutorial examples there.

If you want to bypass all that and just generate an example for your building that you can start using and learn that way, you can use the EnergyPlus Example File Generator application at:

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