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Relationship of Set Point Managers and Controllers
Posted by Michael J. Witte, Last modified by Michael J. Witte on 28 November 2017 07:18 PM
Could you elaborate further on the relation between SetPoint managers and Controllers?

SetpointManager objects place a setpoint on a node, for example, one might place a setpoint of 12C on the node named "Main Cooling Coil Air Outlet Node".

In the case of Controler:WaterCoil which controls a hot water or chilled water coil, the controller reads the setpoint and tries to adjust the water flow so that the air temperature at the controlled node matches the current setpoint. Continuing the example above:

Main Cooling Coil Controller, !- Name
Temperature, !- Control variable
Reverse, !- Action
Flow, !- Actuator variable
Main Cooling Coil Air Outlet Node, !- Control_Node
Main Cooling Coil Water Inlet Node, !- Actuator_Node
0.002, !- Controller Convergence Tolerance: delta temp from setpoint temp {deltaC}
autosize, !- Max Actuated Flow {m3/s}
0.0; !- Min Actuated Flow {m3/s}

It is possible to place the control node downstream of the actual object being controlled, for example after other coils and the supply fan, but I recommend using the coil leaving air node as the control node for tighter control.
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