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Using well water as condensing fluid
Posted by Richard Raustad, Last modified by Michael J. Witte on 28 November 2017 07:16 PM
Q: I want to model one idf file with water source heat pump (water to water heat pump) using well water (ground well water) instead for example of vertical/horizontal ground loop heat exchanger. Does exist any file at example files for what I'm searching to model ? If not, can you give any support how to model it ?

A: The water to water heat pumps have not been programmed to allow well water. However, cooling towers have (see 5ZoneWaterSystems.idf) and you should be able to connect the WSHP to a condenser loop with a cooling tower.

Q: I looked briefly 5ZoneWaterSystems.idf example file, and it has chiller with cooling tower as plant and condenser equipment respectively. As I understood from your answer, is possibile that connection WSHP and Chiller to realise with E+ but I was more interested to use well water as sink/sourc which is applicable also for heating and different resource like that of cooling tower but as you explained me that is not possibile.

A: I am not aware of a method to directly simulate well water as the condensing fluid for water source heat pumps. So to get as close as possible to your request, I provided the closest alternative I could find. The cooling towers are programmed to allow well water via the water use object. If the cooling tower inlet node water temperature represents the well water temperature, and if you can set up the cooling tower to provide an outlet water temperature very close to the inlet water temperature, then this would be the same as connecting the well water directly to the WSHP. Minimize the cooling tower fan energy or disregard it completely when performing your simulation. Use report variables at the inlet/outlet node of the cooling tower to investigate how close you can get to your equipment configuration. I am not positive this will work as you expect.
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