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How can I use macros, and continue to edit my input in IDF editor?
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Q: I'm trying to make effective use of substitution macros, namely include files and SET commands. To have them run in your environment requires
changing the extension of the main input file to IMF which turns off the IDF Editor. That means that additional development using the IDF Editor
is no longer possible. Feels like punishment! Could there be an option in the IDF Editor to IGNORE macros? I'd ask for expanding them but I
suspect you've got far more important things on your backlog.

So for right now - I'm looking at ways to mix and match. Any suggestions?

A: I think that is actually on the list of things to do (have the IDF Editor accept macros).

Two approaches to your work I can think of:

1) Separate your files into "IDF editable" and "macro" (actually, the AbsorptionChiller_Macro.imf example file shows a little of this but it doesn't really use macros). For the pieces you think you'd like to manipulate in the IDF editor, call them with extension IDF. For the others, they would be IMF and the master file would be IMF with "includes" of your IDF pieces.

2) Use the expanded IDF (extension epmidf) file for your IDF editor changes and then run it from there.

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