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Ice Rinks
Posted by Michael J. Witte, Last modified by Michael J. Witte on 28 November 2017 07:15 PM
Question: How do you model an ice rink in EnergyPlus?

Answer: There is no ice rink model presently in EnergyPlus (v6.0, October 2010).

Two possible approaches would be:

1) Use Refrigeration:Case and try to adjust it's inputs to be more like a rink (zero out the internal gains, defrost, etc.) and connect it to a refrigeration compressor system. My concern with this is that I don't think this model interacts radiantly with the zone surfaces which is large component of an ice rink's impact on the zone.

2) Use ZoneHVAC:LowTemperatureRadiant:* to model the rink surface, but then you would have to use a chiller modified to operate at low temperatures to provide the refrigeration (and at present, as of v6.0, use water as the plant loop fluid, it will keep flowing at freezing temperatures).

For further assistance you might ask for guidance and examples from other modelers on the bldg-sim list ( or other EnergyPlus users at the EnergyPlus Yahoo group ( for info).
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