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Reporting heat transfer for specific surfaces
Posted by Michael J. Witte, Last modified by Michael J. Witte on 28 November 2017 07:15 PM
How do I report the heat transfer through a specific surface or group of surfaces?

There is no such report at present. There is a long-standing project to create a new report which will try to sort out such component loads, but currently, everything is mixed in the heat balance and the identity of heat sources is quickly lost, especially for the envelope.

There are some advanced users who use "Opaque Surface Inside Face Conduction" output variable to report the net heat flux through a given surface over a long period of time. If the surface has any sort of thermal mass, this variable can be misleading on an hourly basis, because it represents the heat flux at the inside face of the surface which may have no current relatioship with the heat transfer at the outside face of the surface.

Other alternatives are to make the other surfaces adiabatic, or to compare results between two runs one with the surface(s) of interest active and another with the surface(s) adiabatic.

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