Material Properties
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Question: would you tell me please in which document or book or website i can find material's characteristic such as u value, density, and conductivity


There's an entire database of materials and constructions (from ASHRAE and other sources) in C:\EnergyPlusVX-0-0\DataSets (if you install in the default location for VX).

You can use IDF Editor to open and copy materials and constructions to your IDF. (Hint, the datasets should come up with only the input fields that are in the dataset. If not, hit the Ctrl and L buttons. It will toggle between all objects and only those with data.)

If other materials are needed, these references list many material properties.

- 2009 ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals
- DOE-2 software has a library of materials with characteristics
- Sustainable Home Refurbishment, David Thorpe, Earthscan expert issues (p 23) (mostly residential).
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