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How do I modify a weather (EPW) file with other data?
Posted by Linda Lawrie, Last modified by Michael J. Witte on 28 November 2017 07:14 PM
The easiest way is:
1) run the weather converter on the original file
2) convert the file to "EnergyPlus CSV"
3) open the EnergyPlus CSV file in your favorite spreadsheet program.
4) make the mods, saving it as CSV from the spreadsheet program.
5) run the weather converter again, this time selecting the CSV and make sure the File type is "EnergyPlus CSV"
6) convert it to EPW.

if your regional settings aren't like US, you could run into a couple of problems, such as the spreadsheet program changing the DataPeriods line from 1/1, 12/31 to 01-Jan -- you'd need to hand edit that before step 5

Be aware that specific year data is not usually deemed appropriate for Energy Analysis.
See this document for more details:
Information on selecting weather data is described in this paper:
Drury B. Crawley. 1998. "Which Weather Data Should You Use for Energy Simulations of Commercial Buildings?" in ASHRAE Transactions, pp. 498-515, Vol. 104, Pt. 2. Atlanta: ASHRAE. (PDF 197 KB)


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