Knowledgebase : Vista
EnergyPlus has no problems running on Vista computers if it is run directly by executing the EnergyPlus.exe file assuming you have prepared the in.idf and in.epw files at the same folder. There were some issues running earlier versions of EP-Launch, but most have been fixed for the latest version of EP-Launch. If EnergyPlus was installed at a user folder like C:\ EnergyPlusV3-0-0, there should be no problems running EP-Launch. If EnergyPlus was installed at a windows system folder like ‘C:\Program files\ EnergyPlusV3-0-0’, you have to run EP-Launch every time with administrator rights by right clicking the EP-Launch.exe file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’. Another way is to create a shortcut to EPLaunch and change settings appropriately.