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If you have installed EnergyPlus v8.2.0 on Windows XP and encounter the error message "EnergyPlus.exe is not a valid Win32 application" (or EPMacro.exe or ExpandObjects.exe), then reinstall v8.2.0 with this installer.
This spreadsheet (g-function_library.xls) has comparison plots for different configurations/grouts for the Ground Heat Exchanger:Vertical.
_Updated Jan 19, 2015_ For the initial release of EnergyPlus v8.2.0 on Windows, EP-Launch or IDF Editor may fail to launch due to a missing system file, such as Comdlg32.ocx, msinet.ocx or vsflex7l.ocx. This can be resolved by installing v8.2.0-Update 1...
Spreadsheets to help make parameters for Heat Pump:Water to Water and Heat Pump: Water to air parameters.
These are the latest TDV files from 2008.
These are the 2002 TDV files that are referenced in the EnergyPlus example files.
EnergyPlus Weather Converter definition file which matches the EnergyPlus csv format produced by the weather converter. This can be useful when a modified csv file does not process, for example when the date format may have changed due to regional differe...