EnergyPlus V8.2.0 Release
Posted by Michael J. Witte on 01 October 2014 12:00 AM

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released EnergyPlus V8.2.0, the first release of EnergyPlus built on C++ source code.  New feature highlights are listed below.  For more information about EnergyPlus, please visit

Installers and source code for V8.2.0 are available at

The EnergyPlus Development Team

Highlights of this release (V8.2.0)

Core Changes to EnergyPlus
*Internal simulation engine code translated from FORTRAN to C++ to spur the evolution of EnergyPlus through improved interaction with a larger community through a more popular code base, and improved access to code libraries for performance and enhanced capabilities.

*Language change initially caused a slightly slower codebase due to translation overhead, however several restructuring efforts in the code eventually led to EnergyPlus V8.2.0 being faster than V8.1 in many tests cases.

*Development transitioned to GitHub, where the source code is to be made fully public in the spirit of the open source license.

*Bug fixes throughout.

Building Envelope
*Integrated slab calculation now allow improved simulation of ground heat transfer
HVAC, Plant and Refrigeration
*Improved sizing algorithm for including fan heat in cooling coil calculations
*Improved sizing input options for scaling autosized values
*Additional plant load dispatch algorithms based on meeting component part-loading targets
*New models for single-sided natural ventilation with multiple openings
*New on/off fan option for unit heater and unit ventilator
*New fault model for coil fouling
*DOAS direct to zonal water-to-air heat pumps
*Expanded support for table lookup for plant equipment performance
*New zone air mass flow balance option (partially link HVAC flows with zone mixing and infiltration)
*Ice storage curve-fit tool

*Windows 7 & 8: 64-bit version (32-bit may be available via Helpdesk)
*Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 and compatible) 64 bit versions; (32-bit and RHEL-compatible versions may be available via Helpdesk)
*Mac OSX 10.9 64 bit versions
*EnergyPlus V8.2.0 has been tested on all of these platforms